Standard Hosting
Ideal for normal websites where you want your hosting to be reliable, easy to add email accounts, and simple to install common programs like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal among many others.

  • 1 Free Domain Name Registration *

  • Unlimited Webspace**

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Unlimited MySQL Databases

  • Unlimited 10Gb Secure Email Accounts

  • Nightly Backups for 30 days

  • Includes Security Certificate/ SSL/ Padlock

* this hosting is for one website per account
** ending in .com .org .net .eu .uk .co.uk or .org.uk
Scalable Cloud Hosting
Based on a scalable architecture, this hosting can increase as needed rapidly to support your needs without needing to be migrated to a different type of hosting.
WordPress Business Hosting
Specifically tailored for high traffic WordPress and eCommerce solutions this package makes your site respond quickly and has access to dynamically allocated speed and power to handle even the biggest bursts.

Based on a server sharing
• 24 Processing Cores
• 256Gb RAM

Also included
• Dedicated 30Gb SSD
• Specialised automatic caching (speeds up your website)
• cPanel Administration (helps ensure you can setup a site quickly and monitor it fully)
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• 100Mbit connection
• Free domain name ending in .co.uk .com .org .org.uk .net or .eu

NB Usually Standard Hosting is more appropriate if settings up a website for the first time, upgrading to this package if you need more processing power.